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Yummy Yummy for my tummy.. ABC Sweets always hits the spot. ~Jennifer L.

I love ABC Sweets..... I had these amazing confetti cupcakes that were just heavenly and the owner is so unbelievably nice ~Martina F.

I had a cheesecake made for my birthday that was amazing also.... if you haven't tried anything yet may I ask what you are waiting for? ~Martina F.

ABC Pumpkin Cheesecake.... Fantastic....Pecan pie even better...all delicious and yummy!!!!! ~Annette L.

Loved the artistry that was displayed on my little sisters birthday cake, it was delicious as well and was an all around great experience. ~Eric N.

I have had some of the well named cupcakes that have been hyped up by the media and in no way do their Peanut Butter Cup cupcakes come close to the ones made by ABC Sweets! If you haven't tried them, I PROMISE you they will be the best you have ever had!!! ~Andria G.

Thank you so much for my beautiful birthday cake!!! It was a hit at the party!! ~Jill M.

• After a long day of boudoir fun, the cookies were a perfect combination with my glass of milk before hitting the bed that night. Cookies were soft with the fresh out of the oven taste. ♥ ~ Maggie N.

I had the pleasure of not only tasting a variety of treats, but also helping document these amazing desserts for the world to see. My favorite was the peanut putter pie, not too sweet, and definitely a treat! Thanks ABC Sweets ~ Jessie.

"Thank you Amanda for an AMAZING ladybug cake and cupcakes! They were a huge party hit and we will always remember how awesome our little girls first birthday sweets were!~ Monica D.